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6th Sep, 2010


I'm moving on to tumblr.

17th Aug, 2010


Haven't been here in awhile. Too much has been going on and finally I'm going to pull the plug which prompted this entry.

As the title of this entry goes, it's obvious what I'm going to write about today.

Everyone has to work because we need money to survive. We need it to put a roof above our heads, purchase basic necessities like food, water and clothings, raise children in a family setting, save up for retirement etc.
We need money to satisfy our desires be it a hobby like photography, retail therapy, go on a holiday, hang out with friends and family to drink and be merry and many more.

Well if your job gets you lotsa money then it's easy to satisfy all your needs and wants.
What if it doesn't? Then job satisfaction cones into play.

Job satisfaction is attained when..
1) you enjoy working in the co
2) you have nice co-workers
3) you are able to advance in the co
4) you like your job
5) you feel happy and motivated
(And many more reasons)

It may not be the best paying job in the world but if you feel happy working and you actually look forward to work..then you are in the right job!

Because job satisfaction is the most basic requisite for anyone to stay in a job. If you are not satisfied working and you get shitty pay then I guess it's time to move on. You will be able to discover more potential abt yourself and progress further in life.

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4th May, 2010


And so Asylum will close its doors this coming Thurs, hard to believe I've been there for 1 year 10 months already. After going through highs and (more) lows, I'm actually relieved that it is coming to an end. Of course, I am sad as well. However, it became a painful drag. Life was so mundane without the hunt for new products. The only aim was to CLEAR all the shit out. I'm glad most of the items flew off the shelves already. And it was endearing to catch up with most of the regular customers, talking about life and such. Without them, Asylum wouldn't have stood the test of time and the short attention span of the general public for so long. I can still recall how ecstatic I was when I got the job. It was what I've always wanted. And it turned out to be the best job I've ever had. Best boss, best colleagues, best location..I can go on forever. All those lovely memories will stay in my heart forever as well. I'm blessed to have gotten the opportunity to be the one watching Asylum fade out into a part of Ann Siang's lil piece of history. No..I'm not gonna cry. I'm happy to have been there, taking it all in and learning to be a better employee/colleague/friend/person.

Now, what's next? God, please shed some guiding light for me.

21st Apr, 2010

Holiday Dreaming..

Can't believe I haven't blogged in 2 months!
Well, feeling quite uninspired & tired (inside out) these days.
I wanna get out of this transitional period asap. Urgh.

Anyway, been thinking abt a holiday.
I really wanna go to Tokyo!
But it's definitely gonna cost a bomb..
I can go somewhere nearer like Langkawi this yr & postpone Tokyo 'til next yr.

But but but but I reallly really wanna go to Tokyo :(

4th Feb, 2010



Now I need a dentist..damnit.
No more drinking before gigs.

Damn..I'm still wide awake despite having an aching body, sore tooth, semi numb feet.
More MUSE please!!!!!!!

p/s The Killers would have made everything complete though..let's hope they will be back.

23rd Jan, 2010

Disbelieve/The Killers 'killed' me.

Yeah..that's the state I am. In denial. Unsettled.
After months of looking forward to what was suppose to happen tomorrow, I was suddenly left with nothing.
I know I'm being over dramatic. I can't help it.
Shit happens & life goes on erh?
I'd pray that God will look after that close family member who is seriously ill.
Please let them pull through this difficult moment.
Lastly, I hope they will reschedule the concerts for the asia tour.
I'm still very disappointed though.

18th Jan, 2010

Year of the tiger!

It's gonna be CNY soon. That time of the year when you visit relatives, collect red packets (ka ching$) & have lotsa food.
And as tradition goes..I needa get my wardrobe updated.

I need..
1) a haircut
2) a nice dye job
3) 2 tops/1 dress
4) 2 pairs of shoes

I think that is as much as I can afford..
Pay day please arrive soon!

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1st Jan, 2010


A fantastic way to start the year -
sleeping in.

Happy new year! :)

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31st Dec, 2009

Last post of 2009

Guess what? I finally had some time to play Sims 3 & now I have 2 ghosts in my house. HAHA
One of them is my character who passed away & the other one is another girl whom my 'husband' was trying to hook up with. You won't believe this..she died at our doorstep when my 'husband' invited her over. WTF. LOL funny as hell. http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Ghost
Now let's see if I could create a baby ghost.

Okay sorry I digressed! I'm suppose to post about new year's resolutions, no?

Anyway, 2010 is gonna be an exciting year!
Lotsa changes (mostly positive, I hope) will be coming my way. I can't wait for the new year!
With The Killers & Muse kicking start the year, I know it's gonna be a good, good one.
I want to be wonderful. I will thrive to become a much better person & also improve my relationships with bee, my family, my close friends..
That's all that I need to keep me up & going.

Happy new year, everybody! Keep positive & live life to the fullest!
Oh drink more beeer too.

28th Dec, 2009

Random musing..

Alcohol opens up your mind like a magnifying glass.

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